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About the Author....

JAMES ROBERT SMITH lives with his wife, son, and two requisite cats near Charlotte, NC.

He has made more than sixty short story sales, has had his comic scripts published by Marvel Comics, Kitchen Sink, Spyderbabies Grafix, and others. He is co-editor of the Arkham House anthology, Evermore. The Flock is his first novel.

The Flock

SALUTATIONS USA is the ideal town built by Berg Brothers, the studio that for generations produced family films. Constructed on a parcel of the decommissioned site of what was the Edmunds Bombing Range, it is the great Studio's intention to create a place that is what America once was, with room to expand...

The Living End

Melissa: In August, When the Cities Were Burning:

     Melissa wasn’t sure what to do. Her parents were dead. She’d gone to their place to see if they were okay, and to take them away with her if they were at home. But it had been too late. The house had been broken into, both the back door and front door had given way...